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sul’uthut tst
Our activities

107. xlhem’ ’u tst ’ukw’ xal’qthut?
Shall we watch a movie?

108. ’un’ stl’i’ulup ’u kwun’s ts’elhum’ut kw’ sxwi’em’?
Do you want to hear a story?

109. ’i lhe huw’a’lum’.
Let’s play a game.

110. ’i lhe nem’ nem’ ’u kwthu shhwiiw’a’lum’.
Let’s go to the playground.

111. ’i lhe nem’ ’utl’qul ’um’shasum’.
Let’s go for a walk outside.

112. ni’ wulh tus kwun’s qewum.
It’s time for a break.

113. ni’ wulh tus kwun’s hwtahw shkweyulqun.
It’s time for lunch.

114. kweyul tse’ ’i’ nem’ heew’u.
Tomorrow we are going on a trip.

115. ’i tst tse’ ts-’imushne’tun ’u tun’a kweyul.
We will have a visitor today.

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