Dividing up

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Dividing up

116. thuluqt hwu yusa’la’qw.
Make two groups/teams.

117. mukw’ tseep ’uw’ t’un’uthut sel’ts’stuhw.
Everyone make a circle.

118. mukw’ tseep ’uw’ kwunutsustul.
Everybody hold hands.

119. Chan, nem’ ’u tthu ’unwulh.
John, stand in the middle.

120. mukw’ tseep ’uw’ ’umut.
Everyone sit down.

121. mukw’ tseep ’uw’ ’umut ’u tthu tumuhw ’i’ sel’ts’ tseep.
Sit in a circle on the ground.

122. kwunut kwun’ sq’a’.
Take a partner.

123. nilh lhwet kw’un’ sq’a’?
Who is your partner?

124. nilh nu sq’a’.
That’s my partner.

125. kwunutsustul ’u tthun’ sq’a’.
Hold hands with your partner.

126. na’usum ’u tthun’ sq’a’.
Face your partner.

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