Praising the students

ts’i’ut tthu skwulookwul’

Praising the students

55. ’uy’ ’un’ syaaysulup tun’a kweyul.
You worked really well today.

56. ’uy’ nu shqwaluwun ’u tthu ni’ tatul’utulup.
I very happy with how you are all learning.

57. mukw’ tseep ’uw’ ’eli’ ’i hw’iiw’tsustun’.
You are all very good learners.

58. nan ’uw’ ’uy’ ni’ yu thethi’ ni’ yu tatul’nuhwuhw.
You are really making progress.

59. hay tseep q’u ’u tthu tl’i’ ni’ tatul’utuhw.
Thank you for your efforts.

60. nan ’uw’ ’uy’ kwsus ’uw’ nuts’umat tthun’ shqwaluwunulup.
You work really well together.

61. nilhs lhu ’ul’ ta’ult kw’u qux.
Let him/her learn a lot.

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