thuw’ mukw’ stem ni’ sxuxil’ sqwal
Everything that’s written

85. xwum ’u ch ’i’ qwul’qwul’ ’u tu’i sqwal sxuxil’?
Can you read this word?

86. hwi’ nuwus ch qwul’qwul’ ’u tthu ni’ stutes sxuxil’.
Read the next word.

87. tth’ihwum ch tse’ ’i’ nuwus ch nemustuhw tthu te’tsus.
Please read number 8.

88. nuwu tse’ nemustuhw tthu te’tsus.
You will do number 8.

89. tth’ihwum ch ’i’ hwunitum’qunstuhw tthu ni’ sqwal sxuxil’.
Please translate what’s written here into English.

90. hul’q’umi’num’stuhw ch tthu ni’ sqwal sxuxil’.
Translate what is written in Hul’q’umi’num’.

91. hwi’ nilh tse’ kwthu shhwun’a’ exercise 1 nemust-hwuhw.
Now let’s do exercise one.

92. nuw’ sxuxil’stum’ tthu sht’es tse’ kwun’s yay’us.
instructions: It’s written down the way you will work.

93. lemut ch tse’ kwthu ni’ sxuxil’stum’ ’un’ sla’thut tse’.
Please read the instructions.

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