Family Life phrases

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Page 1.
men father

ten mother

mun’u child
ten ’i’ qeq mother and baby

Page 2.

men father

ten mother

qeq baby
men father
si’lu grandparent

ten mother
me’mun’u children

Page 3.

nem’ tst netsuw’t-hwum’u thunu si’lu.
We are going to visit grandma.

sul’si’lu ’i’ tthu ’um’imuths
Grandparents and their grandchildren.

Page 4.

’uy’uy’mut thun’ qe’is qeq.
Your new baby is beautiful.

le’lum’ut tst thu qe’is qeq.
We are looking at the new baby.

Page 5.

xeem’ thu qeq.
The baby is crying.

’i tsun ’ulhtunstuhw tthu qeq.
I am feeding the baby.

Page 6.
wulh hun’umut tthunu men!
My day is home!

’i hwmukwuthutul’ tthunu shhw’uw’we’li.
My parents are kissing.

Page 7.
hat’qw’um’ tthu mentst.
Our dad is snoring.

’i xuxul’um’ tthu mun’us.
His son is writing.

Page 8.
wulh kw’ilhum’ tthu tsi’tsut.
The father is bothered, annoyed.

qulhst-hwus tu mens kw’s tuteem’ thu mun’us.
Her father doesn’t like his daughter being on the phone.

Page 9.
shahwukwutus tthu mun’us.
He’s bathing his son.

ni’ wulh’itut tthu mun’us.
The child is already sleeping.

Page 10.
’uy’ slhap’!
Good soup!

qw’uqw’ulum’ ’u tthu smuyuth.
They are cooking the meat.

Page 11.
ni’ wulh qw’ul tthu ma’uqw.
The chicken is cooked.

wulh xlhas tst tse’.
Time for us to eat

Page 12.
’i’lhtun’ ’eelhtun.
They are eating.

’uy’stuhw tsun tthu kiks, si’lu.
I like the cake, Grandma.

Page 13.
’iyus skweyul ’un’s shkwan!
Happy birthday to you!

yu’e’hwutus thu si’lus.
She giving something to her grandmother.

Page 14.
tth’xwat tst tu snuhwulhtst.
We are washing our car.

tth’axwtus tthu shhwkw’tsastun’.
They are washing the window

Page 15.
’i tst hwtth’axwil’s.
We are doing dishes.

qux tthu stth’xwulwutums.
She’s got a lot of laundry.

Page 16.
’aa, tthunu lhxunuptun!
Oh, my floor!

tth’xwunup tst tse’.
We are washing the floor.

Page 17.
They are painting.

’i tsun ’i’xwuthut.
We are vaccuuming.

Page 18.
’i p’ep’utth’utus thu s’itth’ums.
She is sewing her dress.

q’eq’epshutus tthu mun’us.
She is tying her son’s shoes.

Page 19.
lhem’ts’ul’s tst ’u tthu’a’lupuls.
We are picking apples.

ni’ wulh hwusaay’ tthu spunum’ tst.
Our plants are ready

Page 20.
q’eptus tthu sts’a’ulha’.
Gather the leaves.

shasupul’ ’u tthu meqe’.
Shoveling the snow.

Page 21.
hiiw’a’lum’ pipaal’
playing ball

ni’ wenshus tthu pal xwte’st-hwus ’u tu mens.
He’s throwing the ball to his father.

Page 22.
sh’shkw’am’ ’eelhtun.
They are swimming.

q’iq’ut’a’st-hwus thu mun’us.
He swinging his daughter.

Page 23.
yuspaay’sukul’ tthu stl’i’tl’qulh.
The child is riding the bike.

nem’ tst qiquxathut.
We are going skating.

Page 24.
hw’iiw’tustus tthu mun’us.
He’s teaching his son.

thuy’uw’t-hwum’ tst ni’ ’u tthu thqet.
We are building a treehouse.

Page 25.
’i tst xix’xlhem’ ’u tthu xalq’thut.
We are watching TV.

le’lum’utus tthu poukw.
They are reading a book.

Page 26.

Hii’wa’lum’tul’ tthu mens ‘i’ tthu mun’us
The father and the son are playing

Kwukw’eel’ tthu mun’us si’q tthu shhw’a’mut.
The son is hiding under the bed.

Page 27.
’unuhw, me’mun’u!
ni’ tseep wulh ququliilt tthu stl’upel’qun’!
Stop it, children!
You are ruining the pillows.

’i tst ’i’tut. qux tthu kwa’ulsun!
We are sleeping. There are a lot of stars.

Page 28.
stl’i’s thu slhelhni’ kw’ pish.
The girl wants a cat.

stl’i’s tthu swuwi’qe’qllh kw’ sqwumey’.
The boy wants a dog.

’i t’it’ilum’ tthu sqw’ulesh.
The bird is singing.

Page 29.
’i’mushst-hwus tthu sqwumey’s.
They are taking the dog for a walk.

shahwukw’utus tthu sqwumey’s.
They are giving their dog a bath.

Page 30.
’i’u ch wulh kw’akw’i’,’u pishpish?
Are you hungry, kitty?

xulhus tthu sqwumey’.
The dog is eating.

Page 31.
me’kwlhshun tthu sqwumey’.
The dog hurt his foot.

’uy’ sqwumey’. stsitsuw’et.
Good dog. Very smart.

Page 32.
’a’ulhst-hwus tthu ’ew’kw’mun.
They are loading their stuff on the car.

nem’ tst ’um’shasum’.
We are going on a trip.

Page 33.
nem’ tst ’u tthu ’itutew’t-hw.
We are going to a motel.

nem’ tst tse’ ’u kwthu ’ulhtunew’t-hw.
We are going to a restaurant.

Page 34.
nem’ tst tl’tawun.
We are going to town.

’ilhe nem’ tl’ shhwimelu!
Let’s go to the store.

Page 35.
qux tu silhe’s.
They have a lot of presents.

le’sh thun’ telu!
Put away your money.

Page 36.
nilh tthunu xi’xlhum’ey’lhew’t-hw.
That’s the day care center.

nem’ tsun skwoul.
I’m going to school.

Page 37.
nem’ tst ’u kwthu t’i’wi’ulhew’t-hw.
We are going to church.

’ilhe nem’ lemut kwthu tul’tuluw’ stleluqum!
We are going to look at the wild animals.

Page 38.
’i hwuq’aq’i’ tthu stl’i’tl’qulh.
The child has become sick.

lhelhuw’un’uq tthu taktur.
The doctor is examining her.

Page 39.
nan ’uw’ quliima’
very dirty

’aa, ni’ yakw’um!
Oh, it broke!

Page 40.
ni’ tsun sii’si’ ’u tthu shwuhwa’us.
I’m afraid of the thunder.

’uy’uy’mut sp’e’luq’um’.
beautiful flowers

Page 41.
taking pictures

’uy’uy’mut tthu shxatth’ustun tst!
Our picture is beautiful.