Song: Two Stz’uminus Songs

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written and performed by Margaret Seymour | Culcimiye


Stz’uminus Pride

hay ch q’a’, tsitsulh si’em’,

ni’ ch amustal’hw

tl’lim’ uw’ uy’uy’mut shts’uminus.

Thank you, Lord,

for giving us the really beautiful Stz’imunus world.


nuts’umat shqwaluwun

hey, shts’uminus, m’i ewu.

tth’ihwum i’ nuts’umat i’ kw’am’kw’um’ tthun’ shqwaluwun.

Hey, Stz’uminus, come here.

Please be of one strong heart and mind.


These songs are written for what is gifted to me—my language and culture—to show the pride I have in my nation. I hope these songs will be used by language teachers and learners to have a strong heart and mind.

hay ch q’a’.  Culcimiye