hwuythut, ’im! | Wake up, grandchild!

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Here’s a little poem from Donna and Ruby. ’im is the endearment form for ’imuth “grandchild”.

hwuythut, ’im, hwuythut!
wulh wil’ thu sum’shathut.

Wake up, grandchild, wake up!
The sun has now appeared.

tl’qw’uthut, ’im, tl’qw’uthut.
wulh kw’i’ thu sum’shathut.

Get dressed, grandchild, get dressed!
The sun has now climbed up.

’aw’thut, ’im, ’aw’thut.
wulh ’imush thu sum’shathut.

Hurry up, grandchild, hurry up!
The sun has now moved along.

’itut, ’im, ’itut!
wulh thuhw thu sum’shathut.

Sleep, grandchild, sleep!
The sun has now disappeared.