Mom’s song to the ladybug

’een’thu sti’tum’at.
I’m Ruby Peter.

nilh tthu huy’thusta’lut ’u lhunu ten ’u kwus kw’e’lus,
My mother was telling us in the summer,

suw’ tssusuta’ult ’uw’ ts’i’utut thu smayuqw’a’.
she was telling us to greet the ladybug.

suw’ t’it’ulutst tst,
So we sang to it,

“smayuqw’a’, smayuqw’a’! ’i ch ’a’lu tstamut?
“Ladybug, ladybug, what’s the matter?

ni’ wulh lhul’lhul’q kwthun’ me’mun’u.
Your children are getting flooded.

nem’ lhu t’akw’!”
Go home!”

’i’ ’i t’it’ulutstus
And she would sing to it,

“smayuqw’a’, smayuqw’a’!
“Ladybug, ladybug,

’i-i-i ch ’a’lu tstamut, smayuqw’a’?
what’s the matter, ladybug?

nem’ lhu t’akw’! nem’ lhu t’akw’!
Go home! Go home!

ni’ wulh lhul’lhul’q kwthun’ me’mun’u,
Your children are now flooded,

ladybug, ladybug.”

ni’ hay.
The end.