How you do housework

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1. Verbs
a. ‘ixwuthut ‘sweep’
b. nuw’ush ‘put it in, bring it in’
le’sh ‘put it away’
hakwush ‘use it’
c. ‘utl’qt ‘take it out’
q’put ‘gather it up’
tl’ukw’un’t ‘turn it off’
d. tth’xwat ‘wash it’
tth’xwunup ‘wash floor’
hwtth’uxwwiils ‘wash dishes’
e. ‘etth’ut ‘wipe it’
‘utth’unup ‘wipe floor’
hw’utth’wiils ‘dry dishes’
f. thuyt ‘fix it, repair it, build it’
thiye’lhum ‘make bed’
thuyula’qwum ‘clean your room’
hwthuylhnent ‘tend the fire’
Lexical Suffixes
e. nuw’ul’tsup ‘bring in firewood’ (nuw’ush ‘bring in.wav’)
sq’ul’tsup ‘split/chop firewood’ (sq’et ‘split it, tear it.wav’)
lhts’ul’tsup ‘cut firewood’ (lhits’ut ‘slice it.wav’)
yuqwul’tsup ‘add wood to the fire’ (yuqw ‘burn.wav’)
f. hwthuylhnent ‘tend the fire’
lhuts’lhnent ‘break up the coals’
2. Nouns
patun ‘cloth’
kwouk’ew’t-hw ‘kitchen’
shluthiinu ‘cupboard’
shhw’i’lhtun’ ‘dishes’
shtth’axwwiil’s ‘sink / dish cloth / dishwasher (something for washing dishes)’
shhw’etth’wiil’s ‘dish towel’
shtth’uxwusum’ ‘wash basin’
shxey’tl’ul’s ‘refrigerator’
qulmun ‘garbage’
shsun’iw’s tthu qulmun ‘garbage can’ (lit. ‘what the garbage goes into.wav’)
‘axwtun ‘broom’
syalh ‘firewood’
huy’qw ‘fire’
sqw’qwum ‘axe’
shlhilhuts’ul’s ‘saw (for sawing wood)’


nem’ hwtth’uxwwiils! ‘Go wash dishes!’
nem’ ch hwtth’uxwwiils! ‘Go wash dishes!’
nem’ lhel’sh tthu shhw’ilhtun! ‘Go clear the table!’
nem’ hw’utth’wiils ‘u tthu shhw’i’lhtun’! ‘Go dry the dishes!’
nem’ ch le’sh tthu shhw’i’lhtun! ‘Go put the dishes away!’
‘etth’ut tthu lutem! ‘Wipe the table!’
nem’ ‘etth’ut tthu lulutem! ‘Go wipe the tables!’
nem’ ‘utl’qt kwthu qulmun! ‘Take out the garbage!’
‘ixwuthut ‘u tthu lhuxunuptun! ‘Sweep the floor!’
tth’xwunup ‘u tthu lhuxunuptun! ‘Wash the floor!’
‘utth’unup ‘u tthu lhuxunuptun! ‘Wipe the floor!’
nem’ le’sh kwthun’ s’itth’um! ‘Go and put away your clothes!’
nem’ le’sh kwthun’ s’eeltth’um! ‘Go and put away all your clothes!’
sq’ul’tsup! ‘Chop the firewood!’
thuylhnent thu huy’qw! ‘Tend the fire!’
lhuts’lhnent! ‘Separate the coals!’
q’put tthu p’uts’t! ‘Bring the coals together!’
kw’lhast thu huy’qw! ‘Douse the fire!’

Other Phrases

nem’ ch nuw’ush tthu sqaal’muhw ‘u tthu shxey’tl’ul’s! ‘Go put the milk into the refrigerator!’
‘een’thu tse’ hwtth’uxwwiils ‘uw’ nuwees hw’utth’wiils. ‘I’ll wash the dishes if you dry them.’
hwi’ nuwu hwtth’uxwwiils. ‘It’s your turn to wash the dishes.’
nem’ nuw’ush tthu shhwi’lhtun’ ‘u tthu shtth’axwwiil’s! ‘Go and put the dishes into the dishwasher / sink!’
‘utl’qt tthu shhw’i’lhtun’ tun’ni’ ‘u tthu shtth’axwwiil’s! ‘Take the dishes out of the dishwasher!’
nem’ le’sh tthu shhw’i’lhtun’ nemustuhw ‘u tthu shluthiinu! ‘Go put the dishes into the cupboard!’
tl’ukw’un’t ‘unuhwstuhw thu shtth’axwwiil’s! ‘Turn off the dish washer.’
hwtth’xwwilt tthu shsun’iw’s tthu qulmun! ‘Wash the garbage can!’
nem’ thuyula’qwum ‘u kwthun’ shni’ kwun’s ‘i’tut! ‘Go and straighten up the place where you sleep! / Go and clean your room!’
nem’ thiye’lhum ‘u kwthun’ shhw’a’mut! ‘Go and make your bed!’
nem’ thiye’lhum ‘u kwthu shhw’a’mut-s lhun’ shuyulh! ‘Go and make your older sister’s bed!’
nem’ kwunut kwthu patun ‘i’ nem’ ch ‘etth’ut tthu lutem! ‘Go get a cloth and wipe the table!’
nem’ le’sh thun’ qwlhuy’shun nemustuhw ‘u kwthu shhw’ukw’elu! ‘Go put your shoes into the closet!’
nem’ q’put kwthu ni’ hwu quliima’ ‘un’ s’itth’um, tth’xwat! ‘Go gather your dirty clothes and wash them!’
m’i nuw’ul’tsup ‘u kwthu syalh! ‘Bring in the firewood!’
t’unule’tst kwthu syalh stutes ‘u tthu t’amun! ‘Stack the wood next to the wall!’
yuqwul’tsup ‘u thu huy’qw! ‘Add more wood to the fire!’
sq’ul’tsup ‘u kwthu sqw’qwum! ‘Chop wood with an axe!’
nem’ sq’ul’tsup ‘u kwthu syalhs kwthun’ si’lu! ‘Go chop firewood for your grandfather!’
lhts’ul’tsup ‘u kwthu shlhilhuts’ul’s! ‘Cut the firewood with the saw!’


Homework: Questions and Answers

Use the phrases above to construct a set of twelve commands to your relatives for work about the house.

[Hint: review the terms of address for kinterms in Lesson Six.]


Listening Practice

Listen to Ruby talking about doing the housework. Then answer the questions. Write down your answers.



1. Example
Q: lhwet tse’ kw’u hwtth’uxwwiils ‘u tthu shhw’i’lhtun’?
A: nilh tse’ thu Meli hwtth’uxwwiils ‘u tthu shhw’i’lhtun’.


2. Questions
(1) lhwet tse’ kw’u tth’xwunup ‘u tthu lhuxunuptun?
(2) nilh tse’ lhwet kw’u m’i nuw’ush tthu syalh?
(3) ni’ tse’ ‘a’lu tstamut thu ‘enchi?
(4) lhwet tse’ kw’u hw’utth’wiils ‘u tthu shhw’i’lhtun’?
(5) hwtsustuhw ch tse’ tthu suluw’a’um’ kwun’s le’sh?
(6) tstamut tse’ tthu Chaach?
(7) lhwet tse’ kw’u q’put tthu s’eeltthum?