t’et’umul’s ’u tthu shnenuts | Guess the price

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Guess the Price

1. Instructions

The “host” assigns a price to an item. There are three contestants. Contestant one guesses the hidden price and the host writes it down. The audience can yell “higher” or “lower”. Then the next contestant guesses. The audience can yell “higher” or “lower”. Then the last contestant guesses. The contestant who gets closest without going over the assigned price is the winner. They win the value of the item. Plus then they are given some extra task for which they can earn bonus points. For example, counting to 100 by tens, describing the item, naming three other similar items.

2. Goal

practicing counting money, learning names of items

3. Examples

t’et’umul’s ‘guessing’
t’emut ’uw’ kw’inusus tu’i. ‘Guess the price of this.’
nuwus ch yuw’en’ t’emut. ‘You guess first.’
hwi’ nuwus ch t’emut. ‘Next you guess.’
nuwu tse’ yulhi’a’aqwt kwun’s t’emut. ‘You will be last to guess.’
kw’i’stuhw tthu shnenutss. ‘Raise the price.’
miya’t ch. ‘Lower it.’
miya’t tthu shnenutss. ‘Lower the price.’
’uy’ ni’ tl’am, lemut tst tse’ kw’u thu’it shnenutss. ‘That’s enough. We will read the actual number now.’
nilh tthu Chan ni’ tl’hwunuq. It’s John who won.’
nilh thu Tanu ni’ tl’hwunuq. ‘It’s Donna who won.’
kw’shast thun’ telu. ‘Count your money.’