t’ut’upul’ | Playing Cards

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Handling cards

play cards

playing cards


maluqwut tthu st’upul’.
mix, shuffle the cards.

maluqwut ch tthu st’upul’.
shuffle the cards.

thuluqt tthu st’upul’
cut (separate) the cards.

lhit’ut tthu st’upul’.
Deal the cards.

lhit’ut ch tthu st’upul’.
Deal the cards.

kw’in tse’ st’upul’ kw’u lhi’tutuhw?
How many cards will you deal?

lhq’etsus tse’ st’upul’ kw’u lhi’tuteen’.
I will deal five cards.

lhq’etsus tse’ st’upul’ kw’ na’nuts’a’.
It will be five cards per person.

A Deck of Cards

kw’in st’upul’?
how many cards

lhq’utssulhshe’ ’i’ kw’ yuse’lu st’upul’
fifty two cards


glimmering= diamond


grass = clover

tsq’ix saxwul
black clover=clubs


stsi’ulh swuy’qe’
high status man=king


stsi’ulh slheni’
high status woman=queen


nuts’a’, yuse’lu, lhihw, xu’athun, lhq’etsus, t’xum, tth’a’kwus, te’tsus, toohw, ’apun
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten



Go fish

sht’uhims tthu st’upul’
card rules

sht’es kw’uns t’upul
how to play cards

sht’es kw’uns huw’alum’.
how to play (cards)

xu’athun st’upul’ nulhtul
four cards the same

suw’q’t ch kws hwuxu’athun nulhtul tthun’ st’upul
You must look for four cards with the same numbers.

xu’athunstuhw ch nulhtul
Make four the same.

xu’athun toohw
four nines

xu’athun toohw nulhtul
four nines matching

xu’athun slheni’
four queens

(Don’t say xu’athun slhunlheni’.
That would mean four women on one card.)

’iich wulh hwusaay’ kwun’s huw’a’lum’?
Are you ready to play?

ni’ tseep wulh hwu saay’ kwun’s huw’a’lum’?
Are you all ready to play?

nuwu yuw’en’
You go first.

hwi’ nuwus
Now it’s your turn.

nu stl’i’ kw’ yuse’lu.
I want a two.

nu stl’i’ kw’ ’apun.
I want a ten.

nu stl’i’ kw’ cheek.
I want jacks.

’aa shah, ’e’ut.
Oh shucks! Here it is!

qul’et ch kwu’elh.
Go again then.

qul’et ptem.
Guess again.

ni’ ’u ch kwunut kw’ xu’athun?
Do you have four?

’uwu te’ nu cheek.
I don’t have any jacks.

tl’lim’ qul
too bad

hwkw’at ch ’ul’.
Just draw.

nem’ hwkw’el’s.
Go draw.

hwkw’at ch kw’ nuts’a’.
You draw one card.

hwkw’at kw’ nuts’a’ st’upul’.
Draw one card.

’aa ’i tsun hwkw’at kw’ nuts’a’ ni’ hwu nulhtul.
Oh, I drew one that matches.

qul’et hwkw’at kw’ nuts’a’.
Draw again.

na’ut hwu xu’athun.
Now there are four.

’aa tun’a qul.
Oh, that’s bad.

na’ut q’them’.
It’s short.

tl’e’ wulh q’them’.
It’s again short.

’uwu ch qwuqwuhi’lum’uhw.
Don’t cheat.

’uwu te’ qwuqwuhi’lum’.
No cheating.

qul’et ch hwkw’els.
Draw again.

kw’in ni’ yu xuxu’a’thun ni’ kwunnuhwuhw.
How many groups of fours did you get?

’aaa, ni’ tsun tl’hwun’uq!
Oh, I won!

’aaa, st’ee ’u nuwees ni’ tl’hwun’uq!
Oh, looks like you won.

’un’ stl’i’ ’u kw’un’s qul’et huw’a’lum’?
Do you want to play again?

na’ut tuw’ xuyuthamu tsun.
I feel like beating you up.


Crazy eights

lhit’ut tthu te’tsus st’upul’ ’u tthu na’nuts’a’.
Deal eight cards per person.

lheq’ut tthu t-hway nem’ ’u tthu ’unwulh ’u tthu lutem.
Put the rest in the middle of the table.

ts’a’ust tthu nuts’a’ st’upul’.
Turn over one card.

q’past tthu nuts’a’ st’upul.
Turn the card face down.

tun’a suw’alum’ ’i’ nilh kw’un’s ’ikw’ut ’uw’ mukw’ tthun’ st’upul.
The point of the game is to get rid of all your cards.

nilhut tthu kw’shem st’i’am’ ’uw’ nilhut tthu sxul’s.
You match either the number or the design.

lhihw lhew’sum’
three of diamonds

m’i ch hwiwsh kw’ lhihw ’uw’ nilhus tthu lhew’sum’.
You can play a three or else a diamond.

nuts’a’ ’ul’ st’upul’ tthun’s hiw’a’lum’.
You play just one card.

nuts’a’ ’ul’ st’upul’ tthu lheq’utun’.
I lay down just one card.

suw’ tuyqel’s nem’ ’u kwthu nan’uts’a’.
Then move to the next person.

ha’ ’uwu te’ nulhtulh ’un’ st’upul’ ’un’ suw’ hwkw’at kw’ nuts’a’.
If you don’t have a card then you have to draw one.

’i’ nilh tthu na’nuts’a’ ni’ ’uw’kw’ tthu st’upul’s nilh hwtl’uhwun’uq.
The first person to get rid of all their cards wins.

nilh tthu te’tsus hay ’ul’ xelu.
Eights are special.

ha’ ch wi’ult tthu te’tsus ’i’ xwum’ ch ’i’ ’uw’ ’iye’qt ’u kw’ lupen, lhew’sum’, ’u kw’ tth’ele’, saxwul.
When you uncover an eight, you can change to spades, diamonds, hearts, or clubs.

ha’ ch hwkw’at kw’ nuts’a’ ’i’ nulhtul, i’ ni’ ch ’uw’ lhaq’utul.
If you draw one that matches then you just put it down.


xixul’uxtul’ st’up’ul’ | Playing War

sht’es kw’un’s huw’a’lum ’u tthu xixul’uxtul’ st’up’ul’.
This is how to play war card game.

nilh tthu shyuw’un’qsun ma’mul’uqwuls ’u thu st’up’ul’.
The head dealer shuffles the cards.

lhit’ut ch tthu st’upul’ ’u tthu hi’wa’lum’.
You deal the cards to the players.

ni’ ch ’amust ’uw’ mukw’ tthu hi’wa’lum ’u tthu st’upul’, tl’lim’s ’uw’ ’uwkw’ tthu ni’ kwun’etus tthu shyu’wun’qsun yelhs huw’a’lum’s.
You give all the players cards. The dealer will hand them out until they are all gone, before playing.

’i’ yelh sus hwu saay’ kws huw’a’lum’s.
Then they are ready to play.

mukw’ tthu ni’ hiw’a’lum’ m’i sa’ust kw’ nuts’a’ st’upul’ suw’ lhaq’uts yu kw’u’as.
All players lift up a card and lays it down facing up.

lemut ch kwthu ’un’ ts’lhiw’a’lum’ niis stsekwul’ tthu st’upul’s ’i’ nilh kwthu hay ’ul’ tsitsulh nilh tl’hwunuq ’u tthu st’upul’s. hay ’ul’ tsitsulh ’u tthu st’upul’ nilh tl’hwunuq.
Look at your fellow players at what their card is, and the highest card is the winner.

’i’ nilh tthu hay ’ul’ tsitsulh ’u tthu st’upul’ nilh kwunnuhw ’uw’ mukw’ tthu st’upul’, nilh ni’ tl’hwunuq.
The one with the highest card takes all the cards.

thu stsi’e’lh slheni’ nilh hay’ ’ul’ tsitsulh ’u tthu chak.
The queen is higher than the jack.

tthu stsi’elh swuy’qe’ nilh hay’ ’ul’ tsitsulh ’u thu stsi’elh slheni’.
The king is higher then the queen.

tthu nuts’a’ xut’ustum’ ace nilh hay ’ul’ tsitsulh ’u tthuw’ mukw’
The ace is higher than them all.

nilh kwthu ni’ tl’hwunuq hay ’ul’ tsitsulh kwthu kwushnuts.

The winner is the one with the highest number.

nilh ni’ tl’hwunuq suw’ kwunuts ’uw’ mukw’ tthu st’upul’s tthu ts’lhiw’a’lum’s suw’ q’a’t-s ’u thu swe’s st’upul’s, nemust-hwus ’u tthu tl’itl’up, nuw ’uw’ ts’uhw ’u tthu swe’s st’upul’s.
The winner takes all the cards from the fellow players and puts them with his own cards, putting them on the bottom of his own piles of cards.

tl’e’ ch wulh qulet lheq’ut tthu nuts’a’ st’upul’.
Then you lay down another card.

ha’ ni’ nulhtul thu st’upul’ ’i’ ni’ ch ’uw’ lhaq’utul’ qul’et thu nuts’a’ st’upul’ nem’ustuhw ’u tthu nuts’a’.

If the cards are the same, then you lay down another card to go with the first card.

’i’ nilh kwthu hay ’ul’ tsitsulh kwthu kwushnuts tthu st’upul’s nilh kwunnuhw ’uw’ mukw’ tthu st’upul’.
And the one with the highest card takes all the cards.

ni’ ch huw’a’lum’ ’u tun’a st’upul’ ’i’ nuw’ sht’es ’ul’ kwsus ’uwkw’ tthu st’upul’ ’u tthu huli’wa’lum’.
You play the cards that way until those who are playing are out of cards.

’i’ nilh kwthu hay ’ul’ ni’ qux tthu st’upul’s, nilh mukw’ kwthu st’upul’ nuw’ hwuni’ ’u kwthu na’nuts’a’.
Someone will eventually get a lot of cards, all of the cards will be with that one person.