Making Fry Bread

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he’yum tst ‘u tun’a netulh xte’um tst ukw’ squw ‘i kw’ shch’ukwxels. We are baking this morning, making native bread, and fry bread.
tl’uw’ st’e’ ‘ul’ tthu shch’ukwx suplil ‘u tthu smaluqws. The frying ingredients are mixed the same way.
maluqwut kwthu spukw’, kwthu ‘ispawtu ‘i’ kwthu tl’elhum, maluqwut. Mix together the flour, baking powder, and salt.
hay tthu shch’ukwx nilh tse’ kwthu tth’utth’uxals hakw. For frying the bread we will use the eggs.
tthu tth’utth’uxals the eggs
nuts’us tth’utth’uxals one egg
nuts’us tth’utth’uxals ‘un’s ‘uw’ yakw’ut tthu tth’utth’uxals. You will break one egg.
ni’ ch nuw’ush ‘u tthun’ la’thun, hwtl’up la’thun. You put it into your bowl, big bowl.
nilh kwthu xe’luw’ nilh ni’ hakwushuhw kw’uns maluqwut. The spoon is what you use to mix.
ni’ hay kw’un’s ni’ yakw’ut tthu tth’utth’uxals ‘i’ ni’ ch kwuyxt, malqwut ‘u tthu xe’luw. You break your egg and you stir it, mixing with the spoon.
stem kw’u q’a’? What do we add next?
hay kw’uns ni’ hwu sma’mul’uqw tthu tth’utth’uxals ‘un’s ‘uw’ q’a’t tthu qa’. Once your eggs are mixed, then add your water to your eggs.
yuse’luqun lupat tthu qa’ two cups of water
ni’ ts’twa yuse’lu lupat ‘u tthu qa’ ni’ tse’ hwu sma’mul’uqw st-hwuhw ‘u tthu tth’utth’uxals. About two cups of water will be used to mix in with the eggs.
‘i’ tl’e’ ch wulh qul’et maluqwut tthu qa’ ‘i’ tthu tth’utth’uxals. And you mix it again, the water and the eggs.
ni’ hay tthey’ yelh ‘un’s nem’ kwunut tthu snas. When that is finished, you get your oil.
sch’ekwuxul’s frying pan