Making Squw

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he’yum’ tst ‘u tun’a netulh. We are baking this morning.
he’yum tst ‘u tun’a kweyul ‘ukw’ squw. We are baking native bread today.
stoop stove
thuyt kwthu shkw’e’lusth. Set its temperature.
suw’ulh kw’e’lusth thun’ stoop ‘i’ ni’ ch tse’ hiqut tthun’ suplil. So your oven will be hot enough when you put your baking in.
nemustuhw ch ‘u tthu xu’athun nets’uw’uts ‘i’ tthu tskw’ush. Put your oven on to 420 degrees.
Nilh kwulh kwthey’ yath ‘uw’nuw’ sme’mul’q, nilh hay ‘ul’ yuw’en’ tthun’ stoop, ni’ ch kw’esut yuw’en’. This is what I keep forgeting, is to heat up the oven, that is the very first thing you do.
shhwhi’qul’s baking pan
hay tthu ‘een’thu hay tsu ni’ ts’e’t ‘u tthu shhwhi’qul’s. As for me, I put it in on the baking pan.
ni’ ch mulhwt tthun’ shhwheeyum’ ‘u tthuw’ ‘uhwin’ ‘ul’ snas. You will rub oil on your pan.
m’i quy’e’t kwthu thi hwtl’up la’thun shma’mul’uqwul’s. Bring out the large bowl that you mix in.
m’i hwiwsh kwthu hakw. Bring out the ingredients.
q’put kwthu maluqwutuhw tse’. Gather the ingredients.
xuthinuqun lupat ‘u tthu spukw’ suplil four cups of flour
kwunut kw’ lupat ‘un’suw’ luts’ut ‘u kwthu spukw’ suplil, xuthinuqun spukw’ suplil, nuw’ush ‘u tthu hwtl’up la’thun. Take the cup and fill it with flour, four cups of flour, and pour it into your bowl.
xuthinuqun lupat ‘un’s ‘uw’ q’a’t kwthu ‘ispawtu, xu’athun spoun tthu ‘ispawtu. four cups and you add the baking powder, four teaspoons of baking powder
stem kw’u qul’et? And what else?
tl’elhum salt
‘uhwin’ ‘ul’ tl’elhum a little salt
‘uhwin’ ‘ul’ kwthu ni’ qa’ tl’elhum. Add a little salt.
suw’ hwi’ nilh kwthu snas, ni’ kw’in ni’ xu’athun spoun. And then you add however much oil, like four tablespoons.
xu’athun thi spoun kwthu snas ni’ q’a’. Four tablespoons will be used of the oil and add it.
ni’ ch ‘uw’ tselushels ‘ul’, kwun’s maluqwut kwthu snas. You just use your hands to mix in the oil.
tthu squ’almuhw the milk
yelh ‘un’s ni’ q’a’t tthu squ’almuhw And then you add the milk.
ni’ hay kwus hwu sma’mul’uqw ‘i’ hwi’ nilh kwthu sqaalmuhw ni’ q’a’. Once the flour and the shortening is all mixed, then you add the milk.
hay tsun ni’ hawush tthu squ’al’muhw ‘i ‘uy’mut kwus m’i p’aam’ tthu suplil. When I use milk, the bread rises well.
hey tst kwelh hwi’ maluqwut tst tse’. And now we are going to mix the ingredients.
nilh nuw’ ‘ulh hwu saay’s kwun’s nem tse’ hiqut ‘u tthun’ stoop. It’s ready to put in your oven.
nemustuhw ‘u kwthu tsitsulh. Put it on the higher (rack).
ni’ ‘u kwthu tl’itl’up kwun’s hiqut. Put it on the lower (rack).
tskw’ush munut kwun’s qw’ulut. Cook it for 20 minutes.
tskw’ush munut ‘ul’ kwus sun’iw’ ‘u tthu ‘un’ shhwi’qul’s. It’s in the oven for twenty minutes.
tl’ukw’unt tth’un’ stoop Turn off the stove.