On the car

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’aalh | get on the car

get onboard a vehicle or on a horse

’aalh ’u tthu snuhwulh.
Get on the canoe/car.

mukw’ tseep ’aalh ’u tthu snuhwulh.
You all get in the car.

xuthiinu tseep kwun’s ’aalh ’u tthu snuhwulh.
Four of you get on the canoe.

disembark, get off a vehicle or a horse

qw’im tseep ’u tthu snuhwulh.
You all get off the car.

mukw’ tseep qw’im ’u tthu snuhwulh.
All of you get out of the car.

mukw’ lhwet qw’im ’u tthu snuhwulh.
Everyone get out of the car.

lhwet tse’ kw’u q’lhan?
Who will sit in the front?

’unthu tse’ ni’ ’u tthu q’lhan.
I will sit in the front.

nem’ q’lhanum!
Get in the front!

back seat

nem’ ’u kw’i ’ile’uq!
Get in the back seat!

lhwet kw’u ni’ ’u tthu ’ile’uq?
Who will sit in the back?

yey’sel’u kw’u ni’ ’u tthu ’ile’uq.
Two people sit in back.

lhwet tse’ kw’u tl’ulimthut?
Who will drive?

’unthu tse’.
It will be me.

’unthu tse’ tl’ulimthut.
I will drive.

hwi’ ’unthu tse’ tl’ulimthut.
It’s my turn to drive.

’ilhe’. nem tst wulh huye’.
Let’s go. We’re going to leave.

nem’ ch hwtsel?
Where are you going?

nem’ tst hwtsel?
Where are we going?

nem’ tst tl’tawun.
We’re going to town.

kw’in ’i’ m’i ch hun’umut?
What time are you getting home?

kw’in ’i’ m’i ch t’akw’?
What time are you coming home?

’uwu te’ nu shtatul’stuhw.
I don’t know.

aaa. hey’ewulh. hey’ewulh.
Goodbye. Goodbye.


Things on the car

ni’ ’untsu lhunu shtulelu?
Where’s my purse?

ni’ ’u’la’ulh ’u tthu snuhwulh.
It’s in the car.

ni’ ’untsu kwthunu luxwtun? ni’ ’u’la’ulh ’u tthu snuhwulh.
Where’s my blanket? It’s in the car.

’alhstuhw tthu xthum.
Put the box in the car.

’alhstuhw tthu xthum ’u tthu snuhwulh.
Put the box in the car.

qw’imut tthu xthum tun’ni’ ’u tthu snuhwulh.
Take the box off of the car.

nem’ ch q’lhanumstuhw tthu luxwtun.
Put blanket in the front seat.

’ile’uqstuhw tthu luxwtun.
Put the blanket in the back seat.