Greeting, getting started

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thay’thut kwun’s hwun’a tus
Preparing when you first get there

1. ’uy’ netulh, stl’ul’iqulh.
Good morning, students.

2. ’ii tseep ’uw’ ’eli ’ul’?
How are you all?

3. ’ii tseep ’uw’ ’eli ’ul’ ’u tun’a kweyul?
How is everyone today?

4. tl’lim’ nan ’uw’ ’uy’ netulh ’u tun’a kweyul.
It’s a really nice morning today.

5. ’uy’ nu shqwaluwun kwunus mukw’ ’uw’ lumnalu.
I’m happy to see you all.

6. mukw’ tseep ’uw’ le’sh tthu ha’kwushuhw.
Please put away what you are wearing.

7. le’sh tthun’ shsuw’eenu.
Put away your lunch bag.

8. ’ii tseep wulh saay’ kwun’s yaays?
Are you ready to work?

9. mukw’ tseep ’uw’ hwts’e’nutsum.
Everybody please sit down.

10. ’ii ch ’uw’ yu kwun’et kwthu hakwushuhw tse’?
Do you have your supplies?

11. ’uwe ’u te’ lhwet ’i tsqwul’qwul’?
Does anyone have any news?

12. ha’ ’un’ stl’i’ kw’un’s ptem’ ’u kw’ stem ’i’ ptem’utham’sh ch.
Does anyone have a question? If you want to ask something, ask me.

13. ha’ ’un’ stl’i’ kw’un’s tul’nuhw kw’uw’ stem ’ul’ ’i’ se’t ch tthun’ t’eluw’.
Raise your hand if you have a question.

14. nuwus ch qwal, Sam.
You can speak, Sam.


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