Lining up

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Lining up

100. m’i tseep t’un’uthut.
You all line up.

101. m’i tseep t’un’uthut yu t’un’astul’.
Line up side by side.

102. nem’ ’u tthu hay ’ul’ yu lhi’a’uqwt.
Go to the end of the line.

103. m’i ’ewu ’u tthu yuw’a’nus.
Come to the front of the line.

104. nem’ hwu’alum’ ’u tthun’ sht’ut’un’uthut.
Get back in line.

105. nem’ shaqwul ’u tthu nets’uw’t-hw.
Cross over to the other side of the room.

106. mukw’ tseep m’uw’ tseelqum ’utl’ ’een’thu.
Everyone follow me!

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