Noisy class

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shkwilhum’ tthu nets’uw’t-hw
Noisy room

141. mukw’ tseep ’uw’ le’sh tthun’ shtutoom’.
Please put your phones away.

142. ’i tsun ’ul’mutsun’ kwun’s lhiwa’lhthutulup.
I’m waiting for you to be quiet.

143. ’unuhw tseep ’i’ hwiineem’.
Stop and listen. (Can I have your attention, please.)

144. hwiileq ch ’ul’.
Wait a minute.

145. hwiileq ch. hay tse’ kwunus qwaqwul’.
Wait until I finish speaking.

146. hay thulh kwun’s hii’un’uq!
Stop complaining!

147. ts’ehwul’ thulh kwun’s hii’un’uq ’i’ yaays ch!
Stop complaining and get to work!

148. kwe’t kwun’s titiya’xwut tthun’ sht’un’us!
Quit bothering your neighbors and get to work!

149. tl’lim’ ch ’i’yelh ’i’ titiya’xwutham’sh!
You’re driving me crazy!

150. tslhuythut
everyone talking at once

151. ’i tseep ’a’lu tstamut ’un’sh ’ilup tslhuythut?
Why are you all talking?

152. nutsim’ ’a’lu ’un’sh ’ilup yun’ye’num’?
Why are you all laughing?

153. hay thulh kwun’s ’i lhi’lhetth’!
Stop joking around!

154. hays ch kwun’s lhi’lhetth’ ’i’ yaays ch!
Stop joking around and get to work!

155. hwu’alum’ tseep ’u tthun’ syaays!
Get back to work!

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