Practicing speaking

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t’ut’a’thut kwun’s qwiqwal’
Practicing your speaking

78. tel ch ’u tthu ni’ nu sqwaqwul’.
Please repeat after me.

79. tth’ihwum tseep ’i’ qul’et?
Could you say that again, please?

80. ’een’thu tse’ yuw’en’ kwunus qwal ’i’ yelh ’un’s tel’ulup.
I will speak first, and then you all will copy.

81. yu kwun’atul’ tseep ’utl’ ’een’thu kwunus qwal.
Say it together with me.

82. ni’ ’uch ’uw’ ta’tul’uthun’ ’u kwunus ni’ qwaqwul’?
Do you understand what I’m saying?

83. tuw’ hwthiqun ch ’u kwun’s ni’ qwaqwul’.
Speak a little louder.

84. t’ut’a’thut ch ’uw’ yath ’i’ hwu sthuthi’ ch tse’.
Keep practicing and it will be okay.

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