Days of the week

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1. Skweyuls tthu Nuts’a’ Suxulhnet

suxulhnet ‘week’, ‘Sunday’ (xe’xe’ ‘sacred, holy’)
syulwulhnet ‘Monday’ (yul’ew’ ‘past’)
sthumunt-s ‘Tuesday’ (second (cf. thume ‘twice’))
slhihws ‘Wednesday’ (three)
sxu’athuns ‘Thursday’ (four)
slhq’etsuss, slhq’esusth ‘Friday’ (five)
t’aqw’tum’, t’qw’atum’ ‘Saturday’ (t’qw’at ‘cut it off’)

nilh skweyuls tthu nuts’a’ suxulhnet. ‘These are the days of the week.’

Q: skw’ins tun’a kweyul? ‘What day is this?’
A: slhihws. slhihws tun’a kweyul. ‘Wednesday. It is Wednesday today.’
Q: skw’ins ‘i’ nem’ ch tl’taktu? ‘Which day are you going to the doctor?’
A: sxu’athuns ‘i’ nem’ tsun tl’taktu. I’m going to the doctor on Thursday.’
Q: skw’ins ‘i’ huw’a’lum’ kwthun’ mun’u? ‘What day does your son play?’
A: nilh tse’ tun’a t’aqw’tum’. ‘It will be this Saturday.’
Q: xwum ‘u ch ‘i’ yaays ‘u tun’a sthumunt-s? ‘Can you work this Tuesday?’
A: skw’ey. nem’ tst huye’ q’ulum’ ‘u kw’ nuts’a’ suxulhnet. ‘I can’t. We are going camping for one  week.’

Here is George Seymour singing the days of the week, learned from his sister.


2. Homework: Listening Practice

Listen to Ruby telling you about what she is going to do next week.
Listen to what she says and then answer her questions. Write down your answers.


  • skw’ins ‘i’ nem’ tsun tl’taktu?
  • skw’ins ‘i’ huw’a’lum’ kwthunu mun’u?
  • tum’tem ‘i’ tsq’ew tsun?
  • hwtsel tsun tse’ ‘u tun’a suxulhnet?
  • nem’ ‘u tsun ‘ulhtuniilh ‘u tun’a slhihws ‘uw’ nilhus kwthu sxu’athuns?
  • tsukwsta’mut tsun tse’ ‘u kw’ sthumunt-s?