Time expressions, telling time

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1. Time expressions

skweyul ‘day’
netulh ‘early morning’
q’ilt ‘late morning’
tahw ‘just right’
tahw skweyul ‘midday (noon)’
yul’ew’ ‘after’, ‘past’
yul’ew’ tahw skweyul ‘afternoon’
hwune’unt ‘evening’
snet ‘night’
tahw snet ‘midnight’
yuhun’um’ ‘before’, ‘going on to’
lhsuq’ ‘half’
tintun ‘bell, bells, o’clock’
munut ‘minute, minutes’

2. Giving the time

ni’ wulh kw’in? ‘What time is it?’
na’ut wulh te’tsus tintun. ‘It is 8:00.’
na’ut wulh tahw skweyul. ‘It is noon.’
na’ut wulh tahw snet. ‘It is midnight.’
na’ut wulh yuhun’um’ tahw skweyul. ‘It is going on noon.’
na’ut wulh yul’ew’ nuts’a’. ‘It is after 1:00.

3. Telling time

lhq’etsus kws yul’ew’s lhihw ‘3:05’
lhq’etsus munut kws yul’ew’s lhihw ‘3:05’
lhq’etsus kws yul’ew’s lhihw tintun ‘3:05’
’apun ’i’ kw’ lhq’etsus kws yul’ew’s xu’athun ‘4:15’
tskw’ush munut kws yul’ew’s t’xum ‘6:20’
lhsuq’ kws yul’ew’s lhihw. ‘It is 3:30 (half past 3:00).’
tskw’ush kws yuhun’um’s tth’a’kwus ‘6:40 (twenty minutes to 7:00)’
’apun kws yuhun’um’s yuse’lu ‘1:50 (ten minutes to 2:00)’
lhq’etsus kws yuhun’um’s te’tsus ‘7:55’
kw’in tse’ ’i’ m’i ch tetsul? ‘When will you get here?’
lhihw tse’ tintun ’i’ nem’ tsun tus. ‘I’ll arrive at 3:00.’
lhsuq’ tse’ tintun kws yul’ew’s xu’athun ’i’ nem’ tsun tus. ‘I’ll get there at half past four.’
tsulel ’i’ tahw skweyul. ‘It’s almost noon.’

4. Homework

Write the time in Hul’q’umi’num’ or in numbers.

(1) 1:20 (6) lhsuq’ tintun kws yul’ew’s xu’athun
(2) 4:40 (7) tskw’ush kws yuhun’um’s yuse’lu
(3) 3:10 (8) ’apun kws yul’ew’s te’tsus
(4) 6:40 (9) ’apun kws yuhun’um’s ’apun ’i’ kw’ nuts’a’
(5) 8:15 (10) tskw’ush kws yul’ew’s toohw