Expressing Time Phrases

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1. Vocabulary

tus ‘get there’
q’puthut ‘meet’
tl’tawun ‘go to town’
tl’taktu ‘go to the doctor’
tl’shhwimelu ‘go to the store’
skwoul ‘go to school’
tsq’ew ‘get paid’

2. Word order and time phrases

You can place the time phrase first, and then add the the event with ‘i’ “and”.

xu’athun tse’ tintun ’i’ nem’ tsun ‘umshasum’.

I will go for a walk at 4:00. 

Or you can say the event first and then add the time phrase with ‘u kw’ “at (a)”.

nem’ tsun tse’ ’umshasum’ ’u kw’ xu’athun tintun.

I will go for a walk at 4:00. 

Note: in either case, place the future tse’ in the first part of the sentence (immediately after the first word and after particles like ’u question and pronouns like tsun).

3. Homework

Q1 Copy the questions and then answer:

  • kw’in tse’ tintun ’i’ xlhas tst?
  • kw’in tse’ tintun ’i’ m’i ch tetsul?
  • kw’in tse’ tintun ’i’ huye’ tseep?
  • kw’in tse’ tintun ’i’ yaays tsun?
  • kw’in tse’ tintun ’i’ q’puthut tst?

Q2 For each question, answer with a later time.

  • toohw ’u tse’ tintun ’i’ nem’ ch ‘itut?
  • nem’ ’u ch tl’taktu ’u kw’ nuts’a’ tintun?
  • ‘apun ’u tse’ tintun ’i’ nem’ tst t’i’wi’ulh?
  • xwum ’u tsun ’i’ ‘unuhw ’u kw’ xu’athun tintun?
  • nem’ ’u tseep skwoul ’u kw’ t’xum tintun?
hwtsel ‘go where?’
tsukwsta’mut ‘doing what?’
tum’tem ‘when’
skw’ins ‘which day’
skw’ey ‘impossible’, ‘can’t’
’ulhtuniilh ‘eat out’
kw’in tse’ tintun ’i’ nem’ ch tl’tawun? What time are you going to town?
t’xum tse’ tintun ’i’ nem’ tsun tl’tawun. I’m going to town at 6:00.
xwum ’u ch ’i’ m’i yaays ’u kw’ te’tsus tintun? Can you come to work at 8 o’clock?
’uwu. xwum tsun ’i’ m’i yaays ’u kw’ lhsuq’ tintun kws yul’ew’s toohw. No. I can come to work at half past nine.