Nominalizations (kwunus, kwun’s kws …)

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Nominalizations (kwunus, kwun’s kws …)

skw’ey kwunus lumnamu. I can’t see you.
skw’ey ’u kwun’s ts’ewutham’sh? Can’t you help me?
skw’ey kws t’ilums thu Mary. Mary can’t sing.
skw’ey kws nem’ tst tl’tawun. We can’t go to town.’
skw’ey kwun’s yaaysulup. You (pl.) can’t work.


(1) skw’ey kws hul’q’umi’num’s.
He doesn’t speak Hul’q’umi’num’.
(2) skw’ey kwunus lumnamu.
I can’t see you.
(3) ’uwu kwunus q’ul’me’t.
I don’t believe him.
(4) ’uy’ kws nem’ tst t’akw’.
We’d better go home.
(5) ni’ ’u ch ’uw’ stsuw’et kwun’s hul’q’umi’num’?
Do you know how to speak Hul’qumi’num’?
(6) stsuw’et tsun kwunus xul’um ’u tthu hul’q’umi’num’.
I know how to write Hul’q’umi’num’.
(7) nem’ tst tsala’lh ’u kw’ telu kws ’iluqels tst ’u kw’ snuhwulh.
We are going to borrow some money to buy a car.
(8) nem’ ’u ch tse’ tl’mutouliye’ kwun’s ts’ewut lhun’ ten?
Are you going to go to Victoria to help your mother?
(9) ni’ nem’ tl’mutouliye’ kwus ts’ewutus lhu tens.
He went to Victoria to help his mother.
(10) ’i tse’ ’u tu’inulh kwunus qw’im.
I will get off here.
(11) ’unuhw tseep kwun’s ’i xuxulum’ulup.
(You all) stop writing!
(12) ts’ehwul’ tseep kwun’s ’i qwaqwul’ulup.
(You all) stop talking!
(13) sqi’qul’ ’u tseep kwun’s ts’ewutulup ’u tthu syaaysth?
Don’t you all know how to help him with his work?
(14) sqi’qul’ ’u ch kwun’s t’itsum?
Don’t you know how to swim?
(15) ’uy’ nu shqwaluwun kwunus lumnamu.
I’m happy to see you.
(16) ’iyus nu shqwaluwun kwunus nem’ yaays.
I’m happy to go to work.
(17) ’uy’ kwun’s nem’ ’itut ’u tun’a st’e ’u tthey’.
It would be good for you to go sleep right now.
(18) qul kwun’s qaa’qa’ ’u tthu lem.
It’s bad for you to be drinking alcohol.


Some Reasons:

(19) nan tsun ’uw’ titiya’xw. I’m too busy.
(20) nan tsun ’uw’ slhtsiw’s. I’m too tired.
(21) nan tsun ’uw’ q’a’q’i’. I’m too sick.
(22) nan tsun ’uw’ sqi’qul’. I really don’t know how.