People and Pronouns

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1. Vocabulary

In this table, click on a Hul’q’umi’num’ word to hear the sound.

‘teenage girl’
‘teenage boy’
‘person’, ‘people’
‘respected person’
‘First Nations person’
‘white person’
‘school teacher’
‘teenage girls’
‘teenage boys’
‘respected people’
‘First Nations people’
‘white people’
‘school teachers’

2. Phrases

nilh ’a’lu lhwet tu’i? ‘Who is this?’
nilh ’a’lu lhwet tthey’? ‘Who is that (male)?’
nilh ’a’lu lhwet they’? ‘Who is that (female)?’
nilh ’u John? ‘Is he John?’

3. Pronouns

Click on a word or sentence to hear it.

‘I’, ‘It is me/I’
‘you’, ‘It is you’
‘we’, ‘It is us’
‘you (pl)’
‘he, she, it’
‘I’m Mary.’
‘Are you Mary?’
‘We are John and Mary.’
‘He’s John.’

Homework: Questions and Answers

(1) Ask “Who is that…. man, teenage girl, teacher (male), white person (female)… and then answer.

(2) Ask: “How many _____ sang?”

Make 4 questions choosing your own nouns. And then answer.

(3) Ask: “How many _____ ran?” and then answer.

Make 6 questions choosing your own noun. And then answer.