nuheylhum | naming

give names

naming ceremony / give a name

naming, to give a name

nuheylhum tsun tse’ ni’ ’utl’ kwa’mutsun.
I will be having a naming at Quamichan.

nuheylhum tst tse’ ni’ ’utl’ kwa’mutsun.
We are going to have a naming at Quamichan.

xuthiinu kwthu neetum.
Four people will be named.

ni’ wulh sxuxits kwthu shtun’ni’s kwthu nuhiimut.
The names have already been decided upon.


qux tse’ mustimuhw kw’u stl’eshun.
There will be a lot of people invited.

thi lelum’

m’i hwiwsh ’umut-stuhw.
Bring them forward to be seated.

ha’ ch tus ’u thu thi lelum’ ’i’ ni’ kwthu hwihwuw’sh ’umut-stuhw kwthu mustimuhw.
When you arrive at the longhouse, there is always a person that will usher people to their seats.

tetsul tthun’ stl’eshun’. m’i hwiwsh, ’umutstuhw.
Your guests have arrived. Bring them forward to sit.


saay’ kwthu lutem kws xlhast tthu mustimuhw.
The table is ready for the people to eat.





ha’kwushus tthu shqwi’qwal’ tthu luxwtun ’i’ tthu shqitustun.
The public speaker has a blanket on and a bandana.

huy tseep q’u, sii’em’ nu siiye’yu kwun’s ’ulup tetsul.
Thank you, my relatives, for coming.

ni’ wulh tus ’u tthu syaays.
It’s time for the work to start.

ni’ wulh tus ’u tthu syaays, thut tthu shqwi’qwal’.
The speaker announces that the work is to begin.

nilh tse’ ni’ neetum kwthu xuthiinu stl’ul’iqulh.
Four children will be named.

m’i tse’ hwiwul kwthu yey’sul’u slhunlheni’.
Two ladies will come forward.

pethut kwthu hulixwtun.
Spread out the blankets.

m’i tse’ hwiwul kwthu yey’sul’u slhunlheni’ pethut kwthu hulixwtun.
Two ladies will come forward to spread the blankets.

xu’athun luxwtun.
four blankets

ni’ tse’ nemustum kwthu stl’ul’iqulh ’u kwthu luxwtun.
Bring the children to the blanket.

tth’xwatus kwthu neetum.
They bless the ones that are being named.

mask dance, mask dancer

t’ulmeylh tse’ kwthu t’xumulu slhunlheni’.
Six ladies will sing a song.



m’i tse’ hwiwul kwthu slhunlheni’ thuythut ’u kwthu q’uwut ’u kwthu sxwuyxwi’.
The ladies that are going to drum for the mask dancers will come forward.

q’uwutum tthu slhunlheni’ kwsus wulh wil’ tthu sxwuyxwi’.
The ladies will drum when the mask dancers come out.

m’i hwiwul kwthu yey’sul’u s’ul-hween shtun’ni’s kwthu nuhiimut.
Two of the elders will come forward to tell where the name comes from.

nilh kwthu slhunlheni’ sul’si’lus, nilh shtun’ni’s kwthu nuhiimut.
The names come from the female grandparents.

’imushst-hwus tthu stl’ul’iqulh lhu telu shkwunutsust-s tthu mustimuhw.
The children will bring the money around people.

’imushstuhw kwthu smem’t.
Bring the gifts around.

q’ewut tthu sxwuyxwi’ ’i’ ts’iit.
Pay the mask dances and thank them.

q’ewutus tthu tl’itl’eshun’ tthu sxwuyxwi’.
The hosts are paying the mask dancers.