The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father) | Snuneymuxw Version

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1   tsitsulh si’em’ s’aalh men
2   ’uy’ kws ’uw’ mukw’s tu musteyuhw statul’stuhw tun’ skwish.
3   ’uy’ kws nuwu si’em’s tu s’aalh shqweluwun ’i’ tuw’ mukw’stem.
4   ’uy’ kws xwte’ tst ’u tun’ swe’ ’un’ shqweluwun ’i ’u tun’a tumuhw
5   st’e ’u tu lisas ni’ ’u kw’i tsitsulh.
6   tuna’ kweyul ’i’ tuw’ mukw’ skweyul,
7   m’istuhw tu s’ulhtuns tun’a lhnimulh.
8   ’i’ tu nuwu kws hay statul’stuhw tu s’aalh squl—
9   st’e ’u tey’ tu lhnimulh.
10  ’uy’ kws statul’stuhw teli’
11  qeel’qul’il’tal’hwus tu s’aalh shqweluwun.
12  ’uy’ kws kw’am’kw’um’stuhw tu s’aalh shqweluwun
13  kws ’uwus tum’temus ’i qeel’qul’il’.
14  stl’atl’um’ st’e.

1   Lord, our Father,
2   May all the people know Your name.
3   May You be the leader of our minds and everything.
4   Let us be directed to Your own thoughts here on earth,
5   Like the angels in heaven.
6   Today and every day,
7   Give us our food.
8   And You are the only one who knows our sins—
9   the way we are.
10  We want You to know those people
11  Who are tempting our minds.
12  We want You to keep our minds strong
13  So there will never be evil.
14  Amen