The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father) | Quw’utsun’ Version

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tsitsulh si’em’, s’aa’lh men.
High lord, our father.

’uy’ kws ’uw’ mukw’s tthu mustimuhw statul’stuhw tthun’ sne.
Let all the people know thy name.

’uy’ kws nuwu si’em’s tthu s’aa’lh shqwaluwun ’i’ tthuw’ mukw’ stem.
Let you be the one who guides our thoughts in all things.

’uy’ kws xwte’ tst ’u tthun’ swe’ ’un’ shqwaluwun ’i ’u tun’a tumuhw
Let us be like your own mind here on earth

st’e ’u tthu lisas ni’ ’u kw’i tsitsulh.
like the angels in heaven.

tun’a kweyul ’i tthuw’ mukw’ skweyul,
Today and everyday,

m’istuhw tthu s’ulhtun tst tun’a lhnimulh.
give us our food.

’uy’ tthu nuwu kwun’s hay statul’stuhw tthu s’aa’lh squl,
Let you be the only one who knows our sins,

st’e ’u tthey’ tun’a lhnimulh.
the way we are.

’uy’ kwun’s shtatul’stuhw ttheli’
We want you to know those people

qeel’qul’ital’hw tthu s’aa’lh shqwaluwun.
who are tempting our minds.

’uy’ kwun’s kw’am’kw’um’stuhw tthu s’aa’lh shqwaluwun
Keep our minds strong

kws ’uwu tst tum’temut ’i’ qul’qul’ul.
so we never do evil.

stl’atl’um’ st’e.