’uy’ meli: Hail Mary

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st’i’wi’ulh: ’uy’ meli
Prayer: Hail Mary

’uy’ meli, hay ch tthu nuwu ni’ sq’uq’a’ ’u kw’i tsitsulh si’em’.
Hail Mary, (full of grace). You are with God in heaven.

nuwu yuw’en’ ’uy’ ’u tth’uw’ mukw’ slhunlheni’.
You are above all women.

shisi ’uy’ ’un’ swe’ ’un’ mun’u.
And Jesus Christ is your son.

’uy’ meli, nuwu tens tthu tsitsulh si’em’.
Hail Mary, you are the mother of the High Chief (God).

t’i’wi’ulhtal’hw tthu lhnimulh
Pray for us

tun’a kweyul ’i’ ’u tun’a q’uy’aan tst.
Today and until the hour of our death.

stl’atl’um’ st’e.