Poem: She’s my lover!

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nilh p’e’ nu s’iiy’e’
She’s indeed my lover

by Sewit

thunu s’iiye’, nilh p’e’ nu s’iiye’.
thunu s’iiye’, ’uw’ hay ’ul’ p’e’ nu s’iiye’.
My lover, she’s my lover.
My lover, she my only lover.

thunu s’iiye’, yath ’uw’ ’al’mutstham’shus.
thunu s’iiye’, yath ’uw’ le’lum’utham’shus.
My lover, she’s always waiting for me.
My lover, she’s always looking after me.

thunu s’iiye’, nilh shtatul’stuhw tthunu stl’i’.
thunu s’iiye’, ’uw’ hay ’ul’ kwu’elh nu stl’i’.
My lover, she knows what I need.
My lover, she’s the only one I want.

nilh p’e’ yath ’uw’ ni’ ’u tthunu shqwaluwun.
nilh p’e’ nu s’iiye’. nilh p’e’ nu s’iiye’.
She’s always in my thoughts.
She’s indeed my lover! She’s indeed my lover!


Voice and sound editing by Thomas Jones.

Written by Thomas Jones and Ruby Peter.

Transcribed by Donna Gerdts