Song: She’s my lover

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Sewit (Thomas Jones) took a love poem that he wrote together with Ruby Peter and shortened it into a love song dedicated to lhu s’iiye’s. Sing each line twice.

nilh p’e’ nu s’iiye’
She’s indeed my lover

thunu s’iiye’, nilh p’e’ nu s’iiye’.
thunu s’iiye’, ’uw’ hay ’ul’ p’e’ nu s’iiye’.
thunu s’iiye’, yath ’uw’ ’al’mutstham’shus.
nilh p’e’ yath ’uw’ ni’ ’u tthunu shqweluwun.
nilh p’e’ nu s’iiye’.

My lover, she’s my lover.
My lover, she my only lover.
My lover, she’s always waiting for me.
She’s always in my thoughts.
She’s indeed my lover!