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Some Terms Relating to Archaeology
bone remains shtth’utth’a’
museum shni’s tthu shtth’utth’a’    (‘place of the bone remains’)
gravesite syuw’a’numa’ shmukw’elu    (‘First People burial site’)
reburial thuy’ulutsum    (‘honoring deceased by digging up bones, wrapping and reburying’)


Materials Found in Sites
bone stth’am’
bones stth’alum’
antler, horn tth’uystun
shell ts’e’wi’
shells ts’e’luwi’
stone smeent


Sorts of Artifacts Found in Sites
anchor, sinker lhqun’utun anchor, sinker    (cf. moor it)
wedge shseq’ul’s (splitting wedge)
maul mol
knife shuptun (cf. cut along it; shavings)
scraper, knife (Snuneymuhw) ‘uxtun (cf. scrape)
stone knife smeent shuptun
adze skwuschus
D-adze stulhtsus
adze sht’umuw’ulh adze-like mattock
adze shtulhtsusum’ adze-like mattock
adze sht’ut’umul’s adze with straight hammer, like a mattock but with short handle
spear s’unum (fish spear, spear shaft)
spear point te’ulh
spear point tth’aqwi’tun
arrow tth’umeen’ (also tth’um’een)
bow tuxwa’ts
yew tuxwa’tsulhp
bowstring tl’imun (bowstring, tendon, leadline)
blanket pin ts’uqw’nistun (cf. pierce it, poke a needle in)