mukw’ stem ‘uw’ tsxwi’em’ – Everything has a story

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mukw’ stem ‘uw’ tsxwi’em’.

Everything has a story.


stem ‘what?’
stem ‘a’lu? ‘whatever is it?’
mukw’ stem ‘everything, anything’
‘uw’ stem ‘ul’ ‘whatever’
tum’tem ‘when?’
stsekwul’ ‘how?’
stsekwul’a’lus ‘what color?’
lhwet ‘who?’
t-hwtuwet ‘whose?’
nutsim’ ‘why?’
‘untsu ‘where?’
tun’untsu ‘from where?’
hwtsel ‘go where?’
ha’ ‘if, when’


(1) mukw’ stem sun’iw’ ‘u thun’ lelum’ ‘i’ ‘uw’ tsqwul’qwul’.
Everything in your house has a story.
(2) lumtsunum ‘u thun’ lelum’ ‘un’ suw’ kwunut kw’ nuts’a’ ‘uw’ stem ‘ul’ ‘un’ suw’ sqwul’qwul’.
Look around your house and take one object to talk about.
(3) nem’ ch tse’ lumstuhw kwthu skwuloukwul’ ‘un’ suw’ qwul’qwul’ ‘u kwthu shtun’ni’s.
You will show it in class and talk about its history.
(4) ni’ tun’untsu, ‘i’ t-hwtuwet syaays?
Where did it come from and who made it?
(5) ni’ kwu’elh stsekwul’ ‘un’sh ‘i hwukwun’et?
How did you come to have it?
(6) ni’ wulh stsekwul’ kws hiths kwun’s ‘i hwukwun’et?
How long have you had it?
(7) ni’ ch kwu’elh ‘untsustuhw ‘u kwun’s ni’ ‘u lhun’ lelum’?
Where is it located in your house?
(8) ni’ stsekwul’ kws this nii shul’akw’, nii tl’eqt, nii plhet, ‘uw’ niis ts’umiil’?
How big it is, is it round, is it long, is it thick or is it thin?
(9) nii tl’uxw, nii mul’ul, nii sthuthekw’, ‘uw’ niis mut’mut’?
Is it hard, is it soft, is is straight, or is it flexible?
(10) suw’ ni’s stsekwul’a’lus?
What colour it is?
(11) nilh kwu’elh tun’ni’ ‘u tthu stem?
What was it made from?
(12) ni’ yustsekwul’ kwus thuytum?
How was it made?
(13) ni’ kwu’elh stsekwul’ ‘un’sh ni’ tl’i’stuhw?
How is it important to you?
(14) nilh ‘u ‘uw’ swe’s syaaysth ‘un’sh ni’ tl’i’stuhw?
Is it because she/he made it that it’s important to you?
(15) nii’ ‘un’ xaamus tthu ni’ s’ehwe’thamut?
Does what you were given remind you of someone or something?
(16) ha’ ch s’ehwe’ ‘u kwthuw’ stem ‘ul’ ‘i’ ni’ ch hwuslulum’a’lus ‘u kwthu ni’ shtun’ni’s.
If you are given something from someone, then you can visualize the person it comes from.
(17) ha’ ‘u ch lumnuhw kwthey’ ‘i’ ni’ ch hukw’me’t kwthu na’nuts’a’ tswe’?
When you see the object, do you think about the person who it belonged to?
(18) lhwet kw’u ni’ hukw’me’tuhw ‘u kwun’s ni’ lumnuhw tthey’?
When you see that object, who does it remind you of?
(19) ni’ ‘u hukw’staam ‘u kwthu nuts’a’ sil’anum ‘i’ niilh ni’ kwthu nuw’ tstamut ‘ul’?
Are you reminded about a certain year when something happened to someone?
(20) nutsim’ ‘a’lu ‘un’sh ‘i le’lum’stun’uq ‘u tun’a?
Why are you showing this to the class today?
(21) tsustuhw ch tse’ tun’a, nii ch tse’ ‘amust kw’uw’ lhwet ‘ul’?
What are you going to do with this object, are you going to give it to someone?