How You Prepare Wool

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How to prepare wool

1. Vocabulary I

p’uq’ white
p’q’ul’qun’ goat (mountain goat); goat’s wool
p’q’ulwut goat’s wool blanket
p’ulq’ulwut goat’s wool blankets
swuqw’a’lh goat’s wool blanket
swuwqw’a’lh goat’s wool blankets
lumutou sheep
lumutoul’qun wool from sheep
sey’ wool (all kinds)
tsq’ix black
tshwikw’ grey

2. Vocabulary II

lhts’ul’qun shear sheep [lhits’ut ‘slice/cut it’]
lhuts’ul’qun shearing sheep
tth’xwul’qun wash wool [tth’xwat ‘wash it’]
tth’uxwul’qun’ washing wool
ts’uy’hwul’qun dry wool [ts’uy’hwt ‘dry it’]
ts’uy’hwul’qut dry wool
ts’ey’hwul’qun’ drying wool
ts’ey’hwul’qut drying wool
thuyxul’qun tease wool [thuyxt ‘stoke the fire’]
they’xul’qun’ teasing wool
t-shul’qun card wool [t-shet ‘comb it’]
tushul’qun’ carding wool
shtushul’qun’ carder
t-shul’qut card it (wool)
tushul’qut carding it (wool)
sul’ut spin it (wool)
susul’ut spinning it (wool)
sul’sul’tun spindle whorl
hwsulalust spin wool (spin two strands together)
qeluts’ spin (wool, etc.)
qequluts’ spinning (wool)
shqequluts’ spinner (spinning machine), spinning wheel
sqeluts’ spun wool
qeluts’mun bits left over in a spinner after spinning
muqwitth’e’ thick strand [muqw ‘thick’]
hwkwunnuts skein wool [kwunut ‘take/get it’]
shkwunnets skein
shkwen’nuts in skeins
qw’umxwust wind it into balls
qw’am’xwust winding it into balls

3. Sentences

(1) ‘e’ut lhuts’ul’qun ‘u tthu lumutous. They are shearing their sheep.
(2) ni’ hakwushum tthu t’um’uw’luch kwus tth’xwul’qun. They used the washtub to wash the wool.
(3) ‘e’uth ts’ey’hwul’qun’ ‘u tthu stth’utth’ixw lumutoul’qun. She’s drying the washed wool.
(4) ‘e’uth they’xul’qun’ ‘u tthu p’uq’ lumutoul’qun. She’s teasing the white wool.
(5) t-shul’qut tthu lumutoul’qun. Card the wool.
(6) ‘e’uth tushul’qun’ ‘u tthu tsq’ix lumutoul’qun. She’s carding the black wool.
(7) ‘e’uth qequluts’ ‘u tthu p’uq’ lumutoul’qun. She’s spinning the white wool.
(8) ni’ ‘untsu lhunu shqequluts’? Where is my spinning wheel?
(9) q’tth’ut tthun’ sqeluts’. Double-strand your spinning.
(10) ‘ii ch tuw’ yuthekw’t tthu ni’ muqwitth’e’ ‘u tthun’ sqeluts’. Are you evening out (pulling) the thick part in your spinning?
(11) ‘e’uth yuthekw’tus yuhul’q’tus tthu sqeluts’s. She’s stretching the strand to even out her spinning.
(12) nem’ hwkwunnutst tthu lumutoul’qun, mun’u. Go and put the wool into skeins, daughter.
(13) ni’ ‘u hwushkwen’nuts tthu lumutoul’qun, ‘u mun’u? Is all the wool in skeins now, daughter?
(14) ni’ hwkwunnutsstum tthu sqequluts’ lumutoul’qun. The spun wool has been put into skeins.
(15) ni’ qw’umxwustum tthu sqequluts’ lumutoul’qun. The spun wool has been wound into balls.
(16) nilh ni’ hakwushum kwun’s xt’e’um ‘u tthu swetu. It’s used for when you make a sweater.
(17) nilh ni’ tl’uw’ hakwushum kwun’s lhunum’ ‘u tthu swuqw’a’lh. It’s also used for when you weave a mountain goat wool blanket.
(18) xi’xle’mutum’ tthu slhunlheni’ kwey’xutssum’. They are watching the ladies doing their handicrafts.