Listening and doing (TPR)

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ti’tul’at tthun’ sul’uthut

Learning by doing

62. yuthus tseep ’uw’ ’iin’ tsukwsta’mut.
Tell what I am doing!

63. yu tel ’u tthu ’i nu sqwaqwul’.
Copy what I am saying.

64. yuthus ’u tthu ’i nu sul’uthut.
Tell what I am doing!

65. stem ’a’lu tthu ’i ’iiw’ustun’?
What am I pointing at?

66. ’i tsun ’a’lu tsukwsta’mut?
What am I doing?

67. ’i’lu tsukwsta’mut tthu Chan?
What is John doing?

68. le’lum’ut ch tthunu tselush.
Watch my hands.

69. tsset tthun’ stun’nus ’uw’ hwi’ nilhus.
Tell the one next to you to do it.

70. tsset tthun’ stun’nus ’uw’ tssetus tthu stun’nus ’uw’ hwi’ nilhus.
Tell the person next to yo to tell the next person to do it.

71. hwyul’qint. hwyul’qint.
Repeat it straight through.

72. ’i lhu qul’et mukw’ tst tse’ hwyul’qint.
Let’s repeat it over again.

73. hwiineem’ qul’et.
Listen again.

74. t-hwnuts’ehw kwun’s hwiineem’.
Listen one more time.

75. t-hwnuts’ehw kwun’s le’lum’uth qul’et.
Watch me one more time.

76. mukw’ tst tse’ ’uw’ kwun’atul’ kws qul’et tst.
Let’s do it all together.

77. ni’ kwu’elh wulh tus kwun’s yu nuts’na’nuts’a’ tse’ kwun’s nemustuhw.
It’s time for you to do it one at a time.

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