Problem students

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the’yul’shut tthu sht’es
Behaviour advice

133. ’uwu ch xut’eehw ’u tthey’!
Don’t do that!

134. ’uwu ch kwukwoon’suhw ’u tthey’!
Don’t touch that!

135. kwe’t tthu ni’ ’un’ shkwukwoon’s!
Leave that alone!

136. le’sh tthey’ ni’ kwun’etuhw!
Put that away!

137. si’amut ’ul’!
Calm down!

138. ’unuhwthut!
Stop it!

139. lihwa’lhthut ee!
Settle down!

140. kwe’t tthun’ sye’yu!
Leave your friend alone!

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